Jennifer Kolhouse

is an entertainment director, choreographer and costume designer for Axé Capoeira Chicago group. Her connection to dance and designing costumes goes back to childhood when, competing in International Latin and Standard Dancesport programs for almost 12 years, Jennifer watched and helped her mother create custom dresses for her performances. The passion for it came back when Jennifer joined Grupo Axé Capoeira Chicago and immediately fell in love with Brazilian culture, dances and shows performed to a live music. She began research on details of the traditional Brazilian costumes, learning about Afro-Brazilian symbolism, colors, fabrics and accessories. She traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil multiple times to perform in Carnaval with famous samba schools Estacio de Sa and Mocidade Indepedente de Padre Miguel and learn about Carnaval culture from the best show-makers in the world. All the costumes are designed and hand made by Jennifer to a custom order. Only finest fabrics, crystals, beads and feathers are used. Most imported from Brazil. Please, contact Jennifer Kolhouse for pricing and time frames for creating the costumes you’d like to order.